Letter Reminding Former Employee Of Confidentiality Agreement

According to a CNBC report, the email was shared with the publication and verified with several current employees, all of whom requested anonymity. Here is the email, in full: This month, an employee posted the voting information of an internal meeting on social networks. This employee was identified and fired the next day. When you read the news, you know there`s intense public interest in everything related to Tesla. As a result of our success, we will continue to see an interest from people who will do everything in their power to see us fail. These include people who actively seek proprietary information for their own profits, who target Tesla employees on personal networks or on social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. These injunctions are not only potentially harmful to our company, they can also be illegal, putting you and your colleagues/friends at risk of being fired or even the possibility of filing a complaint. Last month, a criminal complaint was filed against a former employee who transferred confidential business information from the Tesla domain to his personal account and threatened to disclose confidential company information. January is certainly the month of New Year`s resolutions. Anyone who has gone to their gym or gym can certainly certify it! But January is also a big month for New Year`s Eve RESIGNATIONS. Many companies have the highest turnover rate after the first year. What for? Well, many companies pay their bonuses and/or commissions in December (at the end of the year).

Many employees who leave in January had already decided to leave the company weeks or months before the first year. They are simply waiting to pick up their last “big” cheque before joining their new employer. While companies cannot compel employees to stay with them (at least in the U.S.) or to prevent their total revenue, they can at least take steps to ensure that their most valuable assets (. B, for example, confidential information, trade secrets and customer relations) are protected. Is your company ready for these resignations? The e-mail reminded employees that each of them signed confidentiality agreements and warned that the company would act against those it considered to be aggrieved, including “separation of employment, claims and even criminal prosecution.” The employee was dismissed for violating NDA and Tesla communication guidelines. A former employee downloaded Tesla`s intellectual property from a personal iCloud account and left the company for a competitor. Tesla filed a complaint and sued him for stealing trade secrets.