Ontario-Quebec Reciprocal Agreement

Quebec and Ontario have their own agreement on file sharing, which means that all offences – and demerits – are shared between the two provinces. The Canadian Driver Licence Compact (CDLC) is an agreement reached in 1990 to share driving records between provinces and territories. Outside the CDLC, some provinces have their own agreements with U.S. states. Ontario has agreements with New York and Michigan, Quebec has agreements with Maine and New York. “Saskatchewan belongs to [the CDLC] where the main idea is a driver, a driver`s license and a driving record,” Saskatchewan Government Insurance spokesman Tyler McMurchy said in an email. “This agreement promotes highway safety by treating similar convictions and administrative penalties that took place in a province as if they had taken place in the driver`s home province.” Instead, Quebec has its own reciprocal information exchange agreements with Ontario, Maine and New York – if you have a license from these locations, your Quebec tickets will be added to your registration. French residents with a valid driver`s licence issued by the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec and Newfoundland and Labrador are allowed to drive cars in France with their Canadian driver`s licenses for an entire year. Before the one-year period expires, they can use their reciprocal agreements to exchange their licences for the French. If you have a driver`s license from a country with mutual agreement, follow this process as well. According to the Quebec Automobile Insurance Corporation (SAAQ), an offence committed in another province or in a U.S.

state with which Quebec has a reciprocal agreement (for example. B New York) will lead to putting points on your ticket as if the offence had taken place in Quebec itself. You can get a full licence and you do not need to take an exam (written) or a driving test (driving). You have to go to the prefecture to file an application in person, it is no longer necessary. To apply for the exchange of your driver`s license, visit the ANTS website. Warning: For all E applications, it is important to create an ANTS account before your application or to have your FranceConnect ID and password; So in B.C., that means that drivers who are not driving in the province have added B.C tickets to their driving records, and vice versa. “If a B.C driver outside our province received an injury ticket, such as a speeding ticket, he would not be added to his B.C driving record,” Olsen said. And if the roads are frozen or if there is no visibility because of rain or snow, you could get a ticket, even if you drive the speed limit, or below, Thibaudeau said. Welcome to The Globe and Mail`s commentary community. It is a space where subscribers can interact with each other and Globe employees.

Everyone signed it, except B.C., Quebec and Nunavut. You must pay a fee to exchange your extra-provincial driver`s licence for an Ontario licence. The fee depends on the type of Ontario licence you receive. Here is a list of the exchange fees for an abl license. Our goal is to create a safe and valuable space for discussion and discussion.