Alcohol Agreement Form

Under the Drug-Free Workplace Act 1988, [Company Name] has a long-standing obligation to create a safe, quality and productive working environment. Alcohol and drug abuse poses a threat to the health and safety of the company`s employees and to the safety of the company`s equipment and facilities. For these reasons, [Company Name] is committed to eliminating the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol in the workplace. If a well-founded suspicion is justified, both management and the human resources department meet with the employee to explain the observations and the requirement to undergo a drug and/or alcohol test within two hours. An employee`s refusal is considered a positive drug test result and leads to the immediate termination of the employment relationship [company name] prohibited to all employees, including employees working under government contracts, from producing, distributing, distributing, possessing or using an illicit drug in or on the company site or during the conduct of business operations. [Company Name] Employees are also prohibited from abusing prescription or non-prescription (OTC) medications. Where appropriate, law enforcement personnel may be informed if there are suspicions of criminal activity. “under the influence of alcohol” means a concentration of alcohol of 0.04 or acts, appearance, language or body odour that reasonably induce a supervisor to conclude that an employee is affected by alcohol consumption. Employees are paid for time spent taking alcohol or drug tests and then suspended until breathalyzer or blood alcohol test results are available. Once the test results are received, a date and time are scheduled to discuss the test results. This meeting is followed by a member of management, a shop steward (if desired) and the human resources department. If the results are negative, the employee will be reimbursed for the periods/days of suspension. The SamHSA Alcohol Prevention Campaign for Minors helps parents and caregivers discuss the dangers of alcohol with their children at an early age.

Personnel undergoing a blood alcohol test are transported to an establishment designated by [company name] and are responsible for providing breathing samples. Breathing samples are tested by trained technicians equipped with state-authorized breathalyzers, capable of providing printed results that identify the employee. If an employee`s respiratory alcohol concentration is equal to or greater than 0.04, a second breathing sample is tested approximately 20 minutes later. The results of the second test are crucial. However, blood alcohol tests may be, at the company`s discretion, a breathing, blood or saliva test. For the purposes of this Directive, test results generated by law enforcement authorities or health professionals may be considered by the undertaking as infringements of labour rules. “refusal to cooperate” means obstructing the collection or testing procedure; submit a modified, falsified or replacement sample; not to take a scheduled test; refuse to complete the requested drug testing forms; or not to immediately provide samples for examination, if requested, without a valid medical basis for failure. Employees who leave the accident site without any valid statement before taking drug and alcohol tests are also considered willing to cooperate and are automatically dismissed. As a mother/your father/reference person, I promise to play my part in keeping you alcohol-free. I promise to talk about the dangers and harmful effects of the consumption of minors. I promise to create an alcohol-free environment that is fun and safe for you and your friends.