Tesla Reservation Agreement

Make no mistake, Tesla intends to build the Model 3 and many of them. He just wants you to understand that if you book one now, you only have the right to buy something in the future. It`s up to Tesla to decide what that something is. As all booking fees are fully refundable, you have nothing to lose. They book a trip on the way to the future. Enjoy your trip, but be prepared for a few twists and turns on the way. It was not clear whether all reservations would be made with that entity or whether different States would have different treaties. “You understand that at the time of your booking, Tesla may not have finished developing the Model 3 or started making the Model 3. You also acknowledge that the Model 3 may not be delivered to you until the end of 2017 or later when purchasing a Model 3. You also agree that we do not hold your booking payment separately or in a trust or trust fund or that we pay interest on bookings. The Model 3 reservation agreement specifies that this is not a sales contract. This is nothing more than an opportunity to enter into a sales contract at some point in the future.

It states that the booking fee, which amounts to US$1,000 in the US, is fully refundable if the potential buyer decides to cancel or abandon the booking. It is also said that Tesla “may refuse to keep you as the holder of the reservation.” Perhaps you would like to refrain from publicly saying negative things about Tesla to avoid this. If Tesla decides it`s time to enter into a validly binding sales contract, you`ll be notified. In recent weeks, there has been a lot of discussion about getting a low reservation number. People are fanatical about getting their Model 3 before the federal tax credit for Tesla vehicles expires. Others only want to be the first in their block to own one. Either way, if you`re the first to line up at your local tesla store on March 31, you`re not necessarily deciding your place in the Model 3 booking queue. The booking agreement makes this clear. Tesla believes that at some point, some customers might be upset with the Model 3 ordering process in the future.

There may be delays. The specifications of the car may change. There can be as many things going on as anyone could go against a buyer`s expectations at the time of booking. Can you sue Tesla for disappointing you? No, you can`t. Forget it. When it is time to place an order for a Model 3 and the holder of the reservation decides not to sign a sales contract, he can postpone the reservation to a later date. Only one reprieve is allowed. Those who wish to get a quick gain by selling their early booking should note that it is not transferable. Potential owners of Model 3 reservations must approve Thursday`s Tesla Model 3 reservation agreement, whether they plan to pay a reward in stores or online later that evening. This agreement will then be sent to the company at the same time as your deposit. The unilateral document is written in standard English and not in impenetrable legal text, i.e. congratulations to Tesla for that.

Here are some important points that are included in the agreement that you need to keep in mind….