Wayleave Agreement Broadband

Below is an example of an access agreement written in simple English. Where a derogation cannot be agreed commercially, the electronic communications code (“code”) updated by the Communication Act 2003 provides a legal framework for negotiations, provided that Ofcom`s installation operator has been designated as an operator with code powers. This context has given rise to market standards that also apply where the installing operator does not have code skills. “All the agreements under an imposed code agreement are probably much lower than the rates we negotiated.” You may have heard the term access agreement or Wayleave, which is mentioned in addition to our network extension. It may seem complicated at first glance, but an access agreement is simply the agreement for Virgin Media to be able to carry out work on private land or property. Whether you are a developer, a housing company, a local authority, a rental company or a tenant, an access agreement must be obtained before Virgin Media can install and wait for devices on private land. It`s really easy to get the access agreement you need to connect your premises to our excellent services. We take data protection very seriously. We never need specific information from you and we are happy to sign a confidentiality agreement to ensure your trust in us. See also: Wayleave payment rates for seamless broadband projects · The duration of the agreement will depend on the negotiations. The licence may expire at the end of the lease or be renewed for an additional one-time fee. The following example is a licence that may be cancelled upon notice in certain prescribed circumstances.